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Tmo Melodic

Production, Sounddesign, Recording, Mixing, Social Media

Growing up with everything between AC/DC to Queen and Bone Thugs n Harmony to NWA he decided to pick up the guitar after hearing “Blackbird” by The Beatles.

The journey began. After a few years on stage, life started to kick in and there was no more band time.
There were millions of ideas in his head so he decided to become the band himself. Of course he failed miserably but from then on out he dedicated time and energy in becoming better at what he loves.

Working with numerous artist and being part of many art projects over the years brought a lot of experience and knowledge.
In 2011 he decided to start Ignition Music Production to create some kind of platform for likeminded producers and artist…


Production, Sound- & Webdesign, Recording, Mixing

In 2003, when he was a child and going to school, he met some people which also were up to go down into the school’s band chamber. They jammed around, became friends and did many freestyle sessions at home – They all got into this Hip Hop thing – Almost one year later Bazztlah decided to try out some music production tools.

Starting with Hip Hop Ejay 5, he became knowledgeable in FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Cool Edit Pro and last but not least his favorite DAW Propellerhead Reason (since 2006), but also had an eye on other DAW’s. From then on out he produced beats for several, mostly regional artists and friends in his hometown, Dresden.

There was a lot of music he was listening to. His main genre still is Hip Hop, but he also likes to listen to Breakbeats, Drum’n’Bass, Trip Hop, Jazz and also a bunch of Rock and Metal. Each genre has its good vibes. That’s why he loves to try out different styles by working on experimental stuff.