Pandora’s Box

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Hey folks, hope you’re doing good!

Today we proudly present to you Pandora’s Box – a short movie made in 3D-Motion by Ron Weaver.

The sound design was made by Tmo Melodic of the IMP-Team.

We hope you enjoy and would be so kind to leave us a review and share the video if you like it!

Pandora’s Box is an alternate definition of the greek myth surrounding Pandora and the container/box she is given. This reawakening envisions Pandora opening time itself to rule as the cause, evil being the effect. Answering the curse of this relentless flow of less time, we are forced to save and pass on through transition from death to renewal. The 4th chapter honors the end of one time and the hope in the beginning of another. This is an alternate definition of Pandora’s box. Time

by The Motionist


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