The 30 Day Finger Drumming Challenge

Tmo Melodic made this challenge to learn finger drumming and sampling.
He just did it a few times up until then and wanted to improve his skills!
The challenge was to make a new beat every day and then live perform it on Maschine and do a video.
Please let him know how you like it and how he can improve by leaving a comment or message on a social network platform. Hope you enjoy!

Pandora’s Box

Hey folks, hope you’re doing good!
Today we proudly present to you Pandora’s Box – a short movie made in 3D-Motion by Ron Weaver.
The sound design was made by Tmo Melodic of the IMP-Team.
We hope you enjoy and would be so kind to leave us a review and share the video if you like it!

“Pandora’s Box is an alternate definition of the greek myth surrounding Pandora and the container/box she is given. This reawakening envisions Pandora opening time itself to rule as the cause, evil being the effect. Answering the curse of this relentless flow of less time, we are forced to save and pass on through transition from death to renewal. The 4th chapter honors the end of one time and the hope in the beginning of another. This is an alternate definition of Pandora’s box. Time.”

The Motionist

We’re finally there!

Hello World, it’s Ignition Music!
Today we are finally launching our new website, but first we want to introduce ourselves.
We – this is Tmo Melodic and Bazztlah – are the actors of Ignition Music Production.
We are based in Munich and Berlin, Germany – produced beats for several artists within the last years and are now pleased to serve you some of our creations and music services.
If you want to look at some of our work, then you can easily listen to it in our tunes-section or watch some beat-making videos!
Within the next couple of weeks we will bring more content – so stay tuned and don’t forget to check out our social media channels as well!
We wish you a good time.
Enjoy and take care!